Y to be harsh?

When you spit on a person,make sure the person is dustbin ,

or else if the person is hollow ,the spit will pass through to someone else,

if the person is solid , the spit would split ,(retaliate)

if the person is soft, the spit would be absorbed(self torturing)

if the person is a mirror ,it will come on your face ,(self realizing)

and if the person is really a shit , why to spit , its a filth in itself isnt?

( Why to be harsh ???)


Strip dance

I don’t know How can someone enjoy During strip dance To see someone naked Is it joyful? Or to see someone more obscured than us Gives the vigor Or to see someone more feeble than us Gives us power Or to see someone who’s deprived than us Gives us relieve To see someone ‘special’ as naked May add erotic bliss to our senses To see just anyone naked… dancing for living Adds feral behavior to our lives,