‘Healing power’ of music


By Tara Chettur

Music has no boundaries and now Indian classical music is being appreciated worldwide for its worth into spiritual healing. It not only helps to distress body but also facilitate in rejuvenating spirit. Now many experts are vouching to train youngsters to understand this concept of Music and how to make it part of everyday life.

Priya  V Ravish   an  Engineer Graduate  and also    who is part of international music forum  Madras Chorus  says that  Music plays a vital role in everyone’s life . She hails from Uttar Pradesh Agra .She says now a day’s violence is affecting the mindset of youth and Music is taken only as platform  to provide entrainment .The only need is to understand the importance and channelize its energy towards a positive development.  She says musicians and the youngsters in our team are basically motivated and also do group practice sessions before stage performance mainly to in cultural spiritual vibes in them which is very much reflected in the performance.

Mithun Hariharan, an IT professional and amateur music composer says youth are our future. It is very much necessary to let them know about culture and tradition to offer. Being NRI his experience is mainly with youngsters born and brought up in different cultures. But he says   arts and music is one sector which is enjoyed by all section of society. So it is very much important to link spiritual healing and art and culture as it provides a huge platform. Recently Tyagaraja Aradhana was also organized in Netherlands especially for youngsters for very first time with the blessings of Carnatic Music legend  Dr Umayalpuram K Sivaraman , Mithun adds.

It has to be mentioned that the 8th Theatre Olympics, the world’s largest theatre festival held in India for the first time received good response from artist worldwide. It also helped to provide common platform for various artists from field of art and culture to  get together.

Dilip  Mani is an international  Music therapist  who had sessions in Singapore, Dubai and United States says that the Indian  Traditional Music  is catering attention worldwide for its positive impacts on  human brain. When an individual listen to music certain kind of chemicals are generated in mind and regular exposure to positive  music can provide spiritual healing effect to curb anxiety and stress in individual , He says in India in Delhi and South India  Music session for spirituality healing is getting lots of exposure but in  Madhya Pradesh  more  efforts are required .Being a resident from  gulmohar colony in city he is been dealing with  music therapy for  special children since many years and now also promoting awareness among youth to underhand the importance of music in life .. He says that there is an immense need to include music in everyday life. Traditional and classical music has got its own impact which cannot be overruled.

( Article published in The Hitavada April 3 2018)

Conserving earth indigenously

The conservation of earth is in hands of dwellers .Now the question comes who are dwellers, just by inhabiting we don’t become actual dwellers as we are just utilizing the resources but not giving back anything in return to our mother earth!

The real dwellers are those who share emotional and psychological bonding with natural resources and have immense knowledge to protect and conserve it by means of natural process .The indigenous groups or the tribals have ample knowledge about preservation of earth but how much we have really thought to incorporate their knowledge in scientific communication process of sustainable development.


We as humans have one strong power and that is to communicate with each other; infact with this communication power we have brought about revolution and modern high tech world.

Now it’s high time to go to basics. ‘Basics’ does not mean non progressive thoughts but it means to protect earth by means of effective science communication among different groups in society.’Different groups’ term have been used mainly because  as humans we do belong to different countries in the world but basically the difference in socio-cultural patterns put as into different groups .To chalk out effective participatory earth conservation model we need to follow some group principles so that as global world we can approach towards common goal .



To reach towards our goal science communication can play a major role. The more effective technique we will evolve to get across science communication the more would be the effect. But unlike yester years where we are just endorsing science survey and reports as news and means of communication, this time we need to think via participatory model.

The later model of communication is known as traditional method .This is also known as deficit model of communication where we are considering audience as naïve and ignorant. But such type of communication do not yield much needed results.


But when it comes to non traditional method the main focus is on participatory model, here main emphasis is given on participation of the audience .For any news or mission related with conservation of our planet, only participatory model can work.

For example while writing reports in one of the most tribal dominated state in India .i.e. Madhya Pradesh, I have found that tribal’s have ample of knowledge about flora and fauna of their culture . No modern technique can beat their knowledge since they are dwellers of forest their connection with nature is direct in terms of livelihood .Accordingly for them the conservation of earth is part of habit which they don’t have to inculcate .Here science and technology can play as good medium to enhance their productivity . But infact reverse development is being observed .For example while covering for a remote village known as Rathed which is located at Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh India, I found that they do have internet access but no proper health facilities. Now the question comes what has earth conservation to do with this??

The conservation of earth or any natural resources is directly related with the locals. Here the tribal’s knowledge is not  being utilized infact they have been provided academic education which does not help them to increase their productivity   but may get them white collar jobs .They are being offered reservations in government jobs and the youngsters want to gets educated and get employed jobs outside the village .When it comes to their knowledge of forefathers about herbs and other products which some old age group still sell locally , they don’t know to get proper buyers .So many of the flora species is being destroyed and they inspite of being witness to it unable to record it or to help scientist to tell the reason . The depletion of many species of plants also relate with insects and pollination process and result is basically not minor in food ecosystem.


Their strategy to conserve mother species , organic farming is far more effective  as many of the herbal products they consume make them immune to many diseases .Inspite of poor health facilities , the average death rate among tribes is low .Even for maternity health care  , most of them have no choice but home delivery .Though during emergencies it results to fatal  accidents as well .But when it comes to emotional and physical strength they are much stronger .Their immune system is so much developed  that hardly any kind of stress affects them as they go back to nature whenever such circumstances arrives especially during relationship  break ups , death of loved one etc  .Many of the community does not have  even police station and even to cover up internal disputes , local head of the tribal community is being contacted .

Such untouched and unexplored world has to offer lots of techniques to  so called ‘modern’ world and ‘modern’ people .The earth conservation  needs to be drawn not only by planning and chalking out strategy  in big metros and cities in world .

Big metros and cities do have pollution levels and technology to access the pollution parameters but when it comes to solutions of modern world problem, we need to seek help from remote villagers. Their effective participation to control pollution and conserve earth can play very vital role .


Cornering them and their issues will not only make them alienated but infact it will also stop them to share their knowledge of preserving flora and fauna which will be big loss to the modern world .

For example , there is a species of plant called Dahiman tree which is found exclusively in forest in Central India mainly in Korea district in Chhattisgarh  , it is known to cure diseases not only physical ailments like blood pressure , jaundice  but also to curb the negative energy in individual to reduce stress level . The scientific approach to study this plant species is missing as no major publicity is given about this plant because of fear that this could lead to extinction of that plant species .Like this there are many such information which can be shared via effective communication and incorporating participation from the community dwellers instead of taking a paranoid stand about their activities.




Women Reproductive Health Problems

writing-with-a-penThe reproductive health problems in women are one of the major reasons of high mortality rate during child birth in Madhya Pradesh. This includes infections during pregnancy like severe urinary tract infections, vaginitis, pelvic infections .   On one hand the Gynecologist of the state are in opinion that less awareness about safe reproductive health practices and unhygienic toilet conditions which includes toileting in open places are the sources which leads to catching up reproductive health problems which when not taken care in early stages leads to severe complications especially during child birth.   Dr Archana Mishra, Deputy director, Maternal Health at state directorate of health services , National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)) says that in 2008 only 47 .7 % women were not getting access to reproductive health serves but now the latest record shows a commendable improvement of about reduction in this figure to about 20% only . However when it comes to awareness about safe reproductive health practices emphasis is given on the workshops and seminars organized by Asha workers who facilitates in providing information to the rural women and it works effectively provided the women follows the basic parameters of safe reproductive personal hygiene , she adds.  The Jananai Suraksha Yojana under National rural health commission is basically targeting in providing facilities to the women so as to reduce deliveries outside medical institutions and thereby ensuring safe delivery. The main focus is on providing facilities for institutional delivery and improvising on the parameters to achieve the target which includes better transportation facility. But when it comes to awareness of safe reproductive health practices there is no specific strategy set by the commission. Under the scheme the persons deployed to facilitate in providing safe reproductive health practices are called as Asha workers but there focus is mainly to educate women to get access to the reproductive health practices.   Dr.Poornima Kapoor, a gynecologist by profession says that the reproductive health problems are seen in literate women living in city also and about 70-75 % cases are related with reproductive health problems. The reproductive health access is must so as to provide healthy pregnancy and safe child birth.

Sexual Violence and celibacy trend

Sexual violence after marriage is becoming one of the reasons for married women to adopt celibacy (abstention from sexual intercourse) in the State capital. The State Women Commission is having number of cases where the women want to get separated from their husbands as they have subjected to prolong sexual abuse since   marriage.

Talking to this reporterwriting-with-a-pen, Upma Rai, chairperson of State women commission says that there are cases where young women are developing a sense of unliking for physical pleasures due to the trauma of sexual violence they are experiencing right after marriage.

Many literate young women are taking solace in spiritual institutions of the State capital to gain inner strength but are hardly taking legal approach to book their spouses unless it becomes inevitable.

Citing the case of Arti  Paggan  who has been married for last fifteen years has lodged a complaint with the commission recently against her husband for sexual violence.

A government school teacher by profession in Bairagarh she was subjected to this cruelty for all these years and but when the home violence started effecting the lives of her teenage sons she thought of to retaliating and lodged the complaint against her husband.

Additional to that at 38 years of young age   she has decided to adopt celibacy (abstention from sexual intercourse) as a method to regain spiritual inner strength especially after listening to the spiritual discourses of Brahamakumaris .This further infuriated the anger of her husband who started abusing her every now and then and forced her for sexual intercourse even in front of her sons. To practice celibacy is one’s choice and legally one has the right to follow that, the complainant claims.

Upma Rai says that these issues are very much complicated though the Indian Laws gives legal right to women to raise voice against martial rape, many women shy away due to the fear of consequences of losing the social security they get as married women. As far as her case is concerned the separation may not be the only solution but next counseling can only decide the further course of action. She and her husband have been called on June 20 for next hearing of Women commission, she added.

Dissatisfaction, Over ambition ,Loss of patience- divorce cases on rise

Dissatisfaction, Over ambition ,Loss of patience and the strong urge to live independently without interference are the main reasons which is bringing more number of Divorced cases in the state .The Number of cases of women getting divorced or separated is definitely higher says Anjali Rai , custodia caricabatteria iphone 6s senior advocate .Further she says that most of the time the issues are related with in-laws .The urge of persons especially women to stay in nuclear family rather than as joint family is also one of the chief reason which exhibits reluctance of women to adjust with large group of family members . custodia carica iphone 7 Citing the example of the recent revelation of Sample registration system 2012 where Madhya Pradesh comes in top five states with highest percentage of widowed/divorced or separated individuals she says that about 50 % of marriages especially in the state capital are filing for Divorce .In many cases however the counseling can play a vital role and for that social organizations should come forward as many times the petty fights among the couples because of small misunderstandings are the reason for filing of divorce cases. Uma Gupta, Social entrepreneur says that the in laws though are the reasons but one must understand that with time flexibility in attitude should also get developed .If the daughter in law finds peace and harmony in joint family then certainly the drift to go for nuclear family and other disputed would subsidize. Further to it is also observed that in the counseling centres more cases are coming where mutual understanding of couples to go for divorce is very much there .This is because as the youngsters are not foresee the future complications especially for women and children which would develop after the break up. custodia iphone 6 silicone apple Anand Vijay, custodia apple iphone 5c silicone Social entrepreneur and head of All World Gayatri Pariwar, custodia iphone 6 spigen rosso Youth and Counseling Cell,

Blindness made her empowered ..

By Tara Chettur Have you ever played Holi just because you are normal and you can see colours? asks Divyata Garg who is suffering from special kind of retinal pigmentation disorder genetic disorder which makes the person completely blind slowly. custodia iphone per bici The worst thing is that this disease has no cure and the person has to accept the fate needs to be prepared for a complete blind life .She was not born blind but when the doctors diagoinsed her with this genetic disorder she knew that she would become blind one day but then that does not affected her enthusiasm. Divyata Garg at 33 is a totally blind music teacher working in Kendra Vidyalaya in Shivaji Nagar in the state capital but her liveliness can given complex to many .She is daughter, wife, working woman, teacher , mother and a perfect daughter in law .Being blind has not at all affected her in performing any roles in life. custodia silicone iphone 7 plus apple Not only is that Divyata Garg busy in preparation of Holi like any other women in the city. Further she says “Unlike me, my son can literally see colors and enjoy it .The blind people can also feel the colors and enjoy it .The only need is to have an imagination and creative heart Besides that her husband is also blind and suffers from retinal pigmentation problem. When she conceived the doctors advised her to go for aborting as chances of her child getting the genetic diseases was more but unfortunately she gave birth to normal child. This extraordinary woman is as example of epitome of women empowerment as she is also pursuing Phd from KPJ University in Gwalior. The extraordinary achievements of her is that she does not know Brail, she managed to study with normal children and through audio tapes she learnt her lessons .She did her graduation from Nutan college in the state capital . custodia iphone 6 plus particolare At the tender age of ten she has become a blind person but has never expected any kind of special consideration for being blind. During studies she faced a lot of difficulties and at times had to ruffle with management as well. She recollects that once while giving exam in College she literally had to fight with college administration to provide extra hours .The government has the provision to facilitate the blind pupils with writer while appearing in the exam and as listening and writing takes time she asked for the extra hours which genuinely the management approved it. custodia minions iphone 6 She says with determination that the empowerment of blind people totally depend on the education.

Mothers as single parents

By Tara Chettur Mothers as single parents means more responsibility, extra love and care in every sense but societal discrimination often makes one to act more manly, says Shuba Mani who is a divorcee .Further she says that not only mother’s day but every day comes up with more challenges as she needs to groom her young children to accept the parameters of single parent family and at the same time needs to teach about love and compassion. custodia iphone se cellular line On mother’s day when every mother hold their head high, there is a section which is feeling alienated due to social un acceptance and they are the single parents especially mothers. puro custodia iphone 7 The city which flaunts about its achievements and women empowerment campaigns is yet to crack the mindsets of larger section of people in society! There are others for which the societal discrimination comes in the form of harassment this also includes widows especially belonging to lower middle class. custodia iphone 7 per cintura Take the case of Pinky who works as maid servant is living separated as her husband was a drunkard and was not supporting her family. custodia alluminio iphone 7 She is the only bread earner for the family of four which includes her old ailing mother and three young children aged below 10 years .As a mother she takes care of each and every responsibility at the same time is also maintaining a family with her meager salary. custodia iphone 6 cuoio The level of harassment she faces from society includes character assassination and other lewd remarks of relatives which also resulted in mental torture .Like her there are many cases which is being brought to counseling centers in the State capital.

Freedom movement was not a struggle but a story of brave hearts for justice’ Nonagenariran freedom fighter speaks

Nonagenarian freedom fighter Sarasamma Pagare speaks to The Hitavada: ‘Freedom movement was not a struggle but a story of brave hearts for justice’ By Tara Chettur ‘That was a time when there was only one temple ‘the Nation’ and there was only one Bhakti and that was ‘Deshbhakti’, says the nonagenarian freedom fighter Sarasamma Pagare. custodia metallo iphone 8 She said, the Indian freedom movement was indeed not a struggle but a story of brave hearts towards justice with the world’s most powerful weapon i.e. ‘non violence’. “Still I get goose bumps when I think of the picketing during Quit India Movement”, added the 90 year-old veteran freedom fighter veteran of Hoshangabad. india-independence-day-32 She was in the state capital at a function organised by United Malayalee Association to felicitate her. custodia iphone 6plus adidas Her deteriorating health was not allowing her to speak properly, but the vigour could be felt through her expressions and whispering voice. Talking exclusively to The Hitavada on her freedom struggle experience Sarasamma Pagare said she was arrested in 1942 and sent to Wardha Central Jail for joining in the Quit India Movement. custodia fronte retro iphone x Her dream to stand for the Indian freedom struggle got wings when she met Mahatma Gandhi at Wardha Sewagram and attracted to his simple but powerful persona. She came to Wardha for studies and at that time Hindi language was totally unknown to her. The personality of Mahatma Gandhi and his speech were so powerful that she decided to give her whole life to serve the nation. From there, there was no looking back and she, along with her husband, joined the freedom struggle. timthumb Taking part in picketing, protest, demonstrations and getting lathi charged was common. custodia metallo iphone x For this she was put to jail many times, even in Akola and Nagpur Central jails. But not even once the freedom fighters though of retaliating through violence. The freedom fighters believed in the words of Mahatma Gandhi and were focused. Their dedication has brought us the golden Independence. The youths of today must realise this, she said. Talking about the present generation, Sarasamma Pagare said the youngsters of today are also patriotic, but there is no urge within them to bring about a revolution, and that is mainly because there is no ideal leader to guide them. custodia iphone 8 carica wireless Coming from an influential and wealthy family background in Adoor, in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, Sarasamma Pagare joined the freedom movement on her own choice. custodia stoffa iphone She had also worked for the development of tribes of Nagaland and Manipur. custodia iphone x donna In 1946, she got married to Sukumar Pagare, a great freedom fighter and recipient of Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award. The marriage becomes memorable as it happened in the presence of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. She came to Hoshangabad with her husband during 1970. She along with her husband actively participated in various social welfare activities of the state. After the death of her husband she started staying with her younger son in Hoshangabad now and due to deteriorating health her public welfare activities are limited to local communities now.

Strained relations -reason for child abuse

Strained relations are becoming one of the major reasons for child abuses in the State capital says Archana Sahay from Child Line, Bhopal. Citing recent example of fourteen year old girl , a ninth student of Nalanda Public School in state capital , she says that the girl alleged that she was being sexually abused by her own brother , but the parents are busy with fights so much that they refuse to pay ear to her woes. custodia iphone 7 marble Accordingly she took the help of child line and was rescued immediately .When the case was investigated it was found that the parents relation was not cordial and the children were not being brought up with any moral values or discipline. The parents were ready to accept the mistake but wanted no legal action against their seventeen year old son .Accordingly taking care the sensitivity of the issue, numerous counseling sessions was provided and till the girl child was convinced that her home would be safer for her she was made to stay in her granny place as requested by her. comodini storage materasso caddy dorm room ipad iphone custodia The counseling becomes tough when the parents refuse to cooperate and many times it has been felt that the married couples should go for counseling in general before deciding to start a family as being a parent is full time responsibility and the children takes record of each and very incident happening in front of them, she adds. custodia iphone 7 segni zodiacali Being also the Director of Aarambh nonprofit organization which supports women and children in the State capital Archana Sahay says that there are many cases where children refused to go with their parents as they are fed up witnessing the daily fights of parents and take refuge in counseling centers itself .Additional to that in such a strained relationship atmosphere when such unfortunate incident of child abuse happens, it add troubles to the victim as the child finds hard to find solace with any one parent, she adds. Now days the children themselves are becoming aware of their rights and calling themselves to seek the help of Child Line. Further she adds that the day after second episode of Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate which focused on child abuses was aired, the child line in Bhopal was jammed with numerous cases of child abuses .About 12 cases of child abuses was registered on the following day with Child Line, she claims. custodia iphone 7 rossa Earlier the child abuse cases were mainly related with physical abuses and used to get registered once in two weeks but recently there has been a upward trend in child sexual exploitation cases especially where the educated family members itself are the culprits .The cases are very much sensitive in nature and are sorted out after giving proper counseling by the experts.

Is condom vending machines in colleges in India a solution to control Aids ??

There has been much written and said concerning condom vending machines being installed in the educations institutions in the State capital. custodia gomma iphone 7 plus Inspite of nod by the universities in State and the administrational hiccups of State Aids Control Society it seems that even Bhopal youngsters especially girls are not ready for the concept. custodia iphone 6s ringke It’s becoming popular subject of discussion in colleges causing embarrassment to girls and amusement to boys .And in between the crux of the matter to generate awareness and parameters to control AIDS is getting lost somewhere! Shashi Karnavat, Deputy Secretary, Higher Education, Government of Madhya Pradesh says that the condom vending machines in colleges would not help to generate awareness about AIDS. custodia legno iphone 6 Instead it would become a matter of unwanted attention which may enhance eve teasing in colleges. Further she adds that the awareness programmes needs to be designed as per the culture and the category of residents thriving in and to take a centralized approach on the subject is not at all appropriate .The youngsters needs to be taught about the AIDS awareness in the manner they are comfortable in. The matter should be addressing the core issues and not multiplying the problems of the pupils. custodia pellicola iphone 7 Ankita Jain, a LLB student from Barkatullah University says that Aids Awareness programmes can be strategically designed to help the youngsters in understand the consequences of unsafe sex practices . But by installing condom vending machine it’s like taking blunt approach to combat the issue especially which may have adverse effects. custodia con carica batteria iphone 6 We are still living in a culture where sex issues are not talked about before marriages .To consider all youngsters on the basis of a particular set of standards is not at all appropriate says Annapurna Joshi, a science student .The advertisement campaign especially in Radio is also a matter of concern as women physiological terms are being used openly causing certain amount of discomfort especially in public gatherings .The matter is losing its importance and is getting converted into mere kind of gossip subject .

to accept rejections in relations is important -Jilted lovers at rise

The incidences of jilted lovers turning violent have been at increase of lately in the city. custodia apple in silicone per iphone 7 plus In some cases the lovers are going to extend to abducting and molesting their girl friends in order to teach later a lesson.Rama Nair ( name changed ) in early twenties was standing at her college gate when she was abducted by her ex boy friend in the afternoon .He took her to lonely place , molested her and left her back at home in evening .This incident goes unreported and reached to the counselor only when the girl went into depression as a aftershock of incident .Take another case happened two weeks before where another jilted lover abducted and threatened his lover as she rejected her marriage proposal .The incident was reported in local police station by the parents of the girl and is under investigation . custodia apple in pelle iphone 7 The cases of love turning violent is at increase in the city and the aggressiveness behavior is not only confined to adolescents but is also seen among matured adults in marriageable age. The lovers are taking extreme measures causing physical and psychological harm. custodia juve iphone x Basically it’s the rejection and failure in relationships what turns love into violence and the jilted lovers take law in their hands .The problem is mainly in the upbringing and instead of valuing a relationship they are basically keen on satisfying ego issues which results in criminal tendencies says Ruma Bhattacharya, psychologist and counselor. custodia iphone 7 plus rigida Further she says that on an average one to two cases are coming daily by the parents of jilted lovers seeking counseling help .The parents reach to counselors when they notice unreasonable behavior of their children especially abusive language in phone and threatening calls which makes them suspicious over the intentions. spigen custodia iphone 7 a libro The aggressive beaver is not only related to men but also to women but in the case of later the women tries to harm herself when they cannot cope with rejections in relations. portafoglio The fact is that such cases are reported not only from youngsters in early twenties but the youth in their thirties are also facing such problems where they are unable to accept rejections easily .If the person is matured enough to understand where the problem is then he himself comes for counseling but the problem lies when the person turns irrational and gets ready to take law in their hands, she adds. custodia iphone 8 carte To accept rejections and failures is an important part of life and even the children when young needs to be taught to accept failure gracefully and to move ahead with life .We are living in education system which is mainly focused in wining in competitions by hook or crook and ignorantly pushing children to become aggressive and adopt any means to satisfy their means which is wrong, said a parent of the girl who is undergoing counseling.

Autism cured by meditation

Forty-two-year-old Gayatri Sridhar, who practises mediation from last 15 years, has a miracle story to tell that would give a ray of hope for many parents of autistic children in the society.


Resident of Fine Campus in Kolar Road, Gayatri Sridhar, a regular practitioner of meditation, has changed the fate of her only hyperactive and autistic child and now he is a normal healthy child. custodia iphone 7 topolino custodia subacquea iphone x Her 11-year-old son Ramakrishna is now not only a normal but highly intelligent child. custodia iphone 8 rigida vandot custodia iphone 7 plus He is studying in normal school and wants to become doctor in future. custodia in pelle per iphone 8 custodia apple iphone 5c How it feels when the only child of yours is diagnosed with autistic symptoms and doctors have left hope stating that the disease has no cure except repenting on the child’s fate! Usually in such cases the aura of hopelessness surrounds the parents, but the story of Gayatri Sridhar is different. Her only child was diagnosed with autism when he was two year old. The doctors have given the certificate for him to get admission in autistic school. custodia uag iphone 5s The Holy Cross Service Society known for the autistic treatment across the country attested credentials as well for his admission. custodia a libro iphone 6 rosa The child was hyperactive and it was unable for him to sit at one place. custodia completa iphone 8 plus It was a turning point in the life of Gayatri Sridhar and she did not left hope and was not ready to comprise with the fate! In medical terms ‘Autism’ is a developmental disorder that appears in first three years of life and affects the normal development of brain for social and communication skills. The cause of the abnormalities is a subject to research and there is no treatment as such available in medical science. custodia iphone x puro Some general symptoms are aggression, anxiety, attention problems, extreme compulsions that the child could not stop and hyperactivity etc. When he was five year old, a determined Gayatri started practising meditation and started observing positive effects on her child. She says it was some sort of telepathy that was working because the child was very hyperactive and was unable to follow any instructions but after she started meditation, patience developed in her. custodia iphone 6 dura With the consistent patience she slowly started educating her child and imbibed meditation aspects in his subconscious mind. Along with that she continued to train her child as per the directions given by therapist. The boy started to respond normally by the time he turned 7 and now he studies in normal school. She practises mediation daily along with her son in early morning from 3am to 5am. She says, even 25-minute focused concentration if practised continuously it could do wonders in life. She says, it’s an achievement on its own and believes that with meditation added with spirituality miracles would happen. custodia per iphone 7 plus verde acqua meditation Citing her own example she now propagates the idea of meditation in her own possible manner and suggests that every human being has the fundamental right to be happy and that could be obtained through meditation.