Words may fail to tell

How important you are to me

More than rib more than tease

More than ebb more than breeze

‘SOS’ In mid thirties!

Explore Love


Let us explore love,
Let us go to horizon,
Let us go to deep below ocean,
Let us sing plaintive songs,
Let us be like amorous birds,
Let us make the world stand still,
Let us pour our passions in,
Let us get erotic.

We can only let ourselves to experience love,
to explore love is beyond our reach,
to understand love is difficult to seek,
Love is as pure as’ love’,
How can I define love, when even lovers cannot define it!

My Time Pass Lover


My ‘Time pass’ lover, you are so sweet, I never knew you are a, lover indeed, so Innocent, unaware abt the present, tell me, why you have made me your friend? Atonce I thought myself as an angel, flawless and not worldly, Its when I saw you, I found so many loopholes in me. I will not forgive myself if I ever hurt you, your intentions are in vague, for me to tell you, that my love is in frozen art form, either it will melt or remain frozen itself. As for those who have made you, My ‘Timepass’ lover will never understand this, They depend on their cognitive elements, Being erotic is all they know, as they are in vegetable love. You are yourself a complete man, I my self an incomplete creep You cannot be a ‘Timepass’ lover for me my friend you are rather an asset for me to keep.

Unbreaking Love



There is a match breaker,
In every couple,
He finds the faults,
Constantly looks for loopholes,
Dig every incident,
Stretch every coincidence,
Make sure the relation falls,
Then there Iam, wondering,
What he is going to get from all this………..?
No matter what he gets,
He tears apart two hearts so well,
Beware of such match breakers
It can be “yourself” within you! ! !