‘Healing power’ of music


By Tara Chettur

Music has no boundaries and now Indian classical music is being appreciated worldwide for its worth into spiritual healing. It not only helps to distress body but also facilitate in rejuvenating spirit. Now many experts are vouching to train youngsters to understand this concept of Music and how to make it part of everyday life.

Priya  V Ravish   an  Engineer Graduate  and also    who is part of international music forum  Madras Chorus  says that  Music plays a vital role in everyone’s life . She hails from Uttar Pradesh Agra .She says now a day’s violence is affecting the mindset of youth and Music is taken only as platform  to provide entrainment .The only need is to understand the importance and channelize its energy towards a positive development.  She says musicians and the youngsters in our team are basically motivated and also do group practice sessions before stage performance mainly to in cultural spiritual vibes in them which is very much reflected in the performance.

Mithun Hariharan, an IT professional and amateur music composer says youth are our future. It is very much necessary to let them know about culture and tradition to offer. Being NRI his experience is mainly with youngsters born and brought up in different cultures. But he says   arts and music is one sector which is enjoyed by all section of society. So it is very much important to link spiritual healing and art and culture as it provides a huge platform. Recently Tyagaraja Aradhana was also organized in Netherlands especially for youngsters for very first time with the blessings of Carnatic Music legend  Dr Umayalpuram K Sivaraman , Mithun adds.

It has to be mentioned that the 8th Theatre Olympics, the world’s largest theatre festival held in India for the first time received good response from artist worldwide. It also helped to provide common platform for various artists from field of art and culture to  get together.

Dilip  Mani is an international  Music therapist  who had sessions in Singapore, Dubai and United States says that the Indian  Traditional Music  is catering attention worldwide for its positive impacts on  human brain. When an individual listen to music certain kind of chemicals are generated in mind and regular exposure to positive  music can provide spiritual healing effect to curb anxiety and stress in individual , He says in India in Delhi and South India  Music session for spirituality healing is getting lots of exposure but in  Madhya Pradesh  more  efforts are required .Being a resident from  gulmohar colony in city he is been dealing with  music therapy for  special children since many years and now also promoting awareness among youth to underhand the importance of music in life .. He says that there is an immense need to include music in everyday life. Traditional and classical music has got its own impact which cannot be overruled.

( Article published in The Hitavada April 3 2018)