Saarang – is presented by Madras Chorus every year, in the Netherlands embellished the Indians staying in the Netherlands with a spectacular musical evening which they haven’t witnessed so far!

This was also the official launch (2017) of the Madras Chorus band at a PAN India level trying to emphasize the fact that music has no language, its the only power which can transcend all diversities and unite people under one common roof. Saarang literally translates to multicolored and its said that when music and colors come together, there is happiness all around. On the same premise, it was an attempt by the Madras Chorus band to spread joy and happiness by uniting the people of India, creating a home far away from home. Madras Chorus band also attempts to provide a premier class stage for the real talent from real life.

The musical event Saarang had everything in it to make it an evening which the Indians in the Netherlands hasn’t witnessed so far. Talented and experienced singers,  dancers, musicians along with the perfect lighting, sound and ambiance of the venue topping it with some spontaneous fantastic hosting stole everyone’s heart at Saarang. The idea minds, think tanks behind the making of Madras Chorus and conceptualizing the event Saarang, Ravish Pattabi and Mithun Hariharan, addressed the audience with answers which everyone in the last two months have been looking for( looking at all the teasers about the show that had been making the rounds) ,setting a classic example of two people who dreamt big and made it happen which was highly appreciated by everybody present in there.